Thursday, January 11, 2007

Leftover Noodles in Leftover Tapenade

Leftover Noodles in Leftover Tapenade.jpg It took just ten minutes. The cold pan took cold noodles and cold tapenade to sizzle under a medium flame before being topped with fresh oregano, basil and parsley. The noodles had been cooked, tossed in tomato and taken home from what was left of a cooking session last weekend with my pal Oakley; the tapenade left from last night's tempeh; the fresh herb pieces from last Sunday's brunch at John and Noel's courtesy of Michelle R.; and some baby broccoli left from last night, too, and eaten cold.

Chris with Leftover Noodles in Leftover Tapenade (photo: self).jpg

Photos: Chris B.


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