Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Seitan Burritos with my brother Jon

Seitan burritos with Jon.jpg

Seitan Burritos

Saute until tender in a hot pan on medium with enough olive oil to coat:
One diced leek
One diced onion

Mix in:
1/2 pound chopped portobello mushrooms
8 ounces tempeh, very thinly sliced

Cook stirring occasionally until dry but not burnt, then deglaze by mixing in:
1 good splash of leftover wine
1 splash soy sauce

Heat tortillas on an open burner, then fold around filling, sides first.

You might remove the dark gills from underneath the mushrooms before making a light colored sauce to avoid darkening it, but they balance out the color nicely in this dish. Too often tempeh is undercooked. Adding it early on is key to making it soft and tender. Whatever you do, you can cook this up while sipping red wine with either stuffed Spanish green olives or tastings of miso.


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