Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Arline Takes Care of Us with Eggplant and Olives

Arline's Table_2.jpgArline took care of Dan and I tonight. Olives updated from simple brine to the postmodern olive oil and thyme awaited us on the table with sautéed tofu under a sauce of sesame oil, Vegenaise, mirin, ginger, and other fabulous ingredients. I was excited to hear that Arline is a big fan of Vegenaise. As we drank wine and snacked, Arline flash boiled spinach and topped it with sesame seeds and sesame oil to satisfy Dan and I as she continued. Arline was onto eggplant "fresh from the Vietnamese grocer", that she made up perfectly with spice, not shallow and sharp, but smooth and deep like the soul of the person who prepared it. It came along side "the darlingest baby bok choi you've seen in a long time."

Midway, we ate dessert: baklava from Sultan's Market. Tears dripped from my eyes thinking about the two glorious people I just had eaten with all the way cycling home - or at least until I got my bicycle on the rack on the front of a bus. It was bitter cold, but my eyes weren't listening to my warmth inside.

Arline's Table.jpg


Photos: Chris B.


Blogger Dan Korman said...

C - We managed to make it to Arline's in a fierce and cold wind on our bicycles (after a guilty-pleasure stop at a bicycle shop and encountering two hate-spewers ironically preaching love and holding bibles) while her loveliness inquired about tickets at the Music Box and had dinner ready for us when we walked in the door all before 7 p.m. It boggles the mind, as my friend Donna would say. It was a glorious evening from beginning to end. It was everything but an abomination. Speaking of ends, a southerly wind carried me home in less than 30 minutes. - D

7:38 AM  
Blogger Rosie said...

Gosh, who ISN'T a fan of veganaise? Anything you eat with it is just the vehicle to get that rich, creamy goodness into your mouth!

12:30 AM  

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